About TCC

We launched the Training and Consulting Consortium, LLC (“TCC”) in 2017 with the core philosophy of delivering the highest quality content to its clients to maximize learning outcomes. Our client partners receive a full-service experience, from logistics to learning.

TCC works with both global and boutique organizations. The TCC team and its XP3RT Network are experienced in delivering global programs to large multinational banks and asset-management firms, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, boutique asset managers, insurance companies and universities.

TCC serves the learning and development community through:

XP3RT Network

TCC has created the XP3RT network, a marketplace powered by artificial intelligence where these industry experts (we call them XP3RTs) can connect directly with clients. Our XP3RT.Net Work brings a modern gig-economy model to the financial services training industry, passing more revenue to our XP3RTs while maximizing the value of our corporate clients’ investment.

eLearning Solutions, Enhanced

TCC delivers an immersive learning environment enhanced with the latest in educational technology, including online presentations, on-demand video, digital knowledge checks and instructor-led training (“ILT”). We know that people learn in different ways, so our eLearning and ILT solutions are customized to fit our clients’ needs and participants’ differentiated learning styles. The right solution is always within reach.

Experience and Innovation

Our XP3RT Network includes leading practitioners and industry pioneers in the adult learning space. Our XP3RTs combine deep knowledge of the financial services industry with creative educational approaches that ensure successful outcomes.