Gamification and Simulations

Hot Key Excellence

TCC offers gamification and simulations our partnerships with industry leading solutions to compliment course instruction


KeySkillset is a gamification platform designed to increase speed and efficiency for finance applications of Excel, Financial Modeling, Powerpoint, and Python.   

Excel includes shortcuts and 70 formulas, as well as Advanced Excel with Pivot Tables, Charts, Macros and more. 

Financial Modeling offers step by step instruction to build a Discounted Cash Flow financial model for a real company. Covering DCF steps, forecasting, WACC, EV and more. Teaches mouse-free financial modeling in Excel.*The winner of Financial Modelling Innovation Award 2020, category “Education”.

PowerPoint Speed is designed for finance professionals, consultants and anyone looking to get the most out of PowerPoint, this game is focused on the speed. Build pitch decks in minutes by using PowerPoint mouse-free. Learn and do at the same time to build up your skills in creating powerful presentations.

Python keySkillset gamification is LEARNING BY DOING. Discover the power of Python applied to working with large datasets fast and efficiently. We start from basics, and then we tackle more complex calculations and data manipulation tasks.   

This will allow users to learn time saving tips and tricks while practicing these skills in a game designed to improve muscle memory. Traderion trading simulation

We combine technology and gamification to create digital learning platforms for the bank of the future.

Through our high fidelity simulators we shape bankers’ behavior by allowing them to learn and test their skills in the same environment in which they will operate.

The platform is adapted to the way millennials learn by enabling game mechanics to which they are familiar from the most popular online games.

We track and gather data on every interaction the player has with the platform. This data serves for objective behavioral analysis and it is used for personalized feedback and performance prediction.

Sales and Trading: Traderion Sales and Trading platform is a gamified markets simulator: Equities, FX, Bonds, and Commodities

MIFID II: Virtual simulated Bank to address cumbersome regulatory requirements

Risk Profiling: Traderion Risk Profiling platform will help you define, asses and detect key behavior that can propogate risk in your organization.