TCC’s XP3RT® Network consists of 80+ independent XP3RT’s that are industry leaders in their respective fields of expertise. These top subject matter experts have a history of working at top financial services with decades worth of experience. After undergoing a rigorous vetting process and earning the XP3RT designation, these industry leaders are invited to create a profile with us and begin a training schedule.

This unique ecosystem, powered by artificial intelligence, matches XP3RTs with engagements by analyzing expertise, availability, and geography. Our gig-economy model greatly reduces corporate overhead and infrastructure costs, increasing compensation for our XP3RTs while reducing costs for our partners.

XP3RTs exhibit these “3” traits

  1. eXperienced trainers
  2. eXpertise in their area of training
  3. eXcellence in their attention to detail and client fulfillment

Meet a few of our XP3RT’s across several disciplines here:



Bob Wieczorek


  • 30+ years industry experience including: JP Morgan, WestLB, Credit Agricole and CRT
  • 14+ years of enterprise adult education including: Fitch Learning, Training The Street and the TCC
  • High-energy, engaging delivery style

Expertise: Capital markets, derivatives, asset management, investment banking

William (Bill) Addiss – XP3RT


  • 40 Year Wall Street Veteran, including :
    • Lehman Brothers: Managing Director/EVP     
    • Shearson/Lehman Hutton: National Sales Manager Fixed Income     
    • Amherst Financial Training: Owner/Principal
  • 15 years of developing and facilitating interactive, instructor led training programs for Financial/Banking Industry globally

Expertise: Fixed Income, Capital Markets, Derivatives

Gil Christie – Pedagogy XP3RT

Gil Christie


  • Co-founder 7city Learning (Fitch Learning), an international training and education company
  • 20+ years of enterprise adult education including: 7city/Fitch Learning and the TCC
  • Passionate about learning and a student of the world

Expertise: Capital markets, accounting, company valuation, security valuation, pedagogy

Neel BAndari – Professional Skills XP3RT

Neel Bandari


  • 13+ years industry experience including: Dura Automotive and American Express Vacations
  • 9+ years of enterprise adult education including: Fitch Learning, Decker Communication and the TCC
  • XP3RT communicator and advocate for continuous professional development

Expertise: Communication, leadership, presentation skills, goal setting, handling conflict, negotiation skills, and prioritization & time management

Tatiana Ufimtceva – excel XP3RT

Tatiana Ufimtceva
  • 14+ years industry experience including: Sberbank, Raiffeisenbank, Home Credit and Finance Bank, Generali PPF Holding
  • 7+ years of enterprise adult education including: Training The Street and the TCC
  • Innovator of gamification of Microsoft Excel, Hot Key Excellence

Expertise: Advanced MS Excel for financial professionals and consultants, financial modeling, fluent in English and Russian

marty murphy, cpcu, cmc

  • 20-plus years of experience in executive leadership and human capital development roles. 
  • Certified Managerial Coach • Certified DDI, DiSC, and GENOS® Employee Motivation Workshop Facilitator
  •  Certified in Hogan, GENOS® Emotional Intelligence, MRG LEA 360, Insights Discovery®, and ChangeWorks® assessments and debriefs
  • Extensive experience coaching individuals and teams to use both their intellectual, emotional and conversational intelligence

Expertice: Leadership development, executive coaching, emotional intelligence

joe simonian

  • 15 years experience at multinational asset management companies, including Natixis Investment Managers, Fidelity Investment and JP Morgan Asset Management 
  • Published over 40 scholarly research articles in top finance journals such as The Journal of Portfolio Management,  Editor of The Journal of Financial Data Science
  • Vast experience in teaching in both academia and industry

Expertise:  Investment strategy, quantitative research, multi asset portfolio management, data science and machine learning, Python

Lance Widner

  • 20+ years of experience in the financial services industry
  • 5 years in the United States Navy as a supply corps officer 
  • Chair Emeritus of the CFA Society of New York Veterans Roundtable

Expertise: Veteran transition specialist, professional skills development, leadership development