Join TCC’s complimentary webinar on Thursday, March 31st at 11:30 AM EST for a webinar on how to address and overcome culture shock.


Veterans who enter the private sector often face moderate to severe culture shock. The environment, the work cadence, the subtleties of body language, management styles that are not only very different from the military, but also often very different from company to company…it often culminates into an unfamiliar and stressful transition that leaves the veteran feeling disoriented. 

This webinar addresses many of the most common elements of culture shock that veterans may face and uncovers ways to address them head on to maximize chances for successful transition to the private sector. 

Who should participate? 

Any service member that either has transitioned to the civilian work force or intends to do so over the next 24 months. 


Register below for our Distressed Asset Valuation for Aaron Selber on Saturday, March 12 & Sunday, March 13, 2022!

About the Event

Saturday, March 12: Day 1 – Framework and Assessing Value

Morning Session

Balance sheet

  • What are the assets
  • Quality of the assets
  • Marketability of the assets (any restrictions on the sale)
  • Tangible vs. intangible
  • Capital structure basics
  • Core vs. non-core assets
  • Capital intensity of the business
  • Working capital requirements

Enterprise value

  • Going concern question
  • Understanding the corporate structure

Cash flow value

  • Cash flow measures EBIT and EBITDA
  • Fixed vs. variable costs
  • Sustainable margins
  • Ability to defer CapEx
  • Ability to “ride the trade”
  • Ascribe a value to a reoccurring cash flow

Afternoon Session

Multiple based valuation

  • What are the value drivers for this business
  • What are other similar business valued at
  • Apply those value metrics to the subject company

Sum of the parts valuation

  • Are there separable distinct businesses or, assets that can be monetized
  • Value them separately (are the parts worth more than the whole, Gordon Gekko style)
  • Are there non-core assets that can be disposed of
  • Are there real estate assets that can be sold outright or under sale/lease back


  • Licenses required or limitations on liquidation
  • Anything to sell as an on going operation
  • Orderly sale
  • Forced liquidation

Establish value range

  • Vary key valuation metrics
  • Consider outcomes probabilistically
  • Determine valuation range
  • Identify the risks to the valuation

Sunday, March 13: Day 2 – Assessing Claims

Morning Session

Understanding the value of the Cap Stack

  • What are the components of the cap stack
  • Understand the seniority of the stack holders
  • Are there stack holders with leverage
  • How are these claims currently valued


  • Contractual
  • Structural
  • Temporal

Claims against the value

  • Build a value waterfall
  • Sensitize the outcome
  • Look for valuation discrepancies

Afternoon Session

Financial analysis

  • Reviewing the case study company
  • Application of analysis to case study company
  • Present and debrief analysis